Saturday, March 29, 2008

Weddings, stockings and floss, O my

Well, I've had a little bit more time to stitch this week. Yesterday I finished up the following sampler as a wedding present. It was a really quick stitch which would be what one would expect since I found the design in Quick & Easy Cross Stitch Gifts part of The Joys of Cross Stitch series published by Oxmoor House. It's definitely not your typical wedding sampler. However, I wanted to make a piece that had some meaning for both of us. The bride and I had a conversation about the worst part about being military was that you made friends but then they (or you) would move away. So I thought the following verse would be perfect for her. There are four parts of the design ... with interchangeable verses and borders. I didn't particularly like the colors in the design, so I picked some colors that I believe the couple is using to decorate. I hope you like it as well.

Design: A Friend (from Quick & Easy Cross Stitch Gifts)
Fabric: 28 ct Flax color
Floss: DMC

Next I have the promised update on my stocking for DH. I haven't made any progress on this in about a week, but plan to try to put some stitches in it tonight after I finish up chores and such around the house. Once I finish the bottom, I can go back up to the top ... which includes the personalization. Then I have to do the backstitching and beads ... though I am going to take it off the frame to do the beading. It should be interesting since this is my first project with beads. So slowly making progress :)

And now for a question to all you dear stitchers. I picked up the floss below to do "Find Your Song" from MyMark . Now my question is what color fabric should I use? I would like something that the white and blue will show up well against. I did find a DMC color that matches the darker blue for the solid color part of the design. However, I am at a loss for fabric color ... too light and the white won't show up at all. I would appreciate any suggestions that you all have.
Yesterday also included a trip to my LNS to pick up some extras for my fair squares exchanges. The main reason to drop by was to drop off the above piece for framing ... so I can't wait to show it to you once I get it back. While there I picked up the above floss and another highly variegated floss (more with some purples and greens). I'm planning to probably stitch the "find your song" for my choir director as well. I was good when I went to the store since the only additions to my stash were the flosses ... the rest of my purchase were for gifts.

I have to take a second to thank Mary Kathyrn from Handcrafts Online. I've placed two orders with her recently. The designs that I ordered came very quickly. I can't praise her enough for her quick response to e-mail. I had also ordered some fabric, which hadn't arrived. When I e-mailed her, she quickly responded to let me know that she was still waiting for it. However, she had another type of similar color that she could send me instead. In addition, when I told her that I didn't know much about the different types of linen, she offered to send some small samples so I could tell the difference. She has great customer service. She was also my first partner for the Fair Square exchange. So thank you Mary Kathryn! I appreciate all of your help!

Well, I'm off to do some grocery shopping and hopefully meet up with a friend for lunch. Have a wonderful Saturday!


monique said...

Nice sampler finish! Pretty floss color... have you thought about a "raw natural" linen? I like that because it's so neutral it goes with just about everything, yet whites and very pale colors show up well on it, too.

Ruth said...

Your sampler is lovey and so is your stocking. You can be rightly proud.

I might lean towards a raw linen like Monique said. If your central saying wasn't going to be a darker blue I'd go straight for navy and do the saying in white or maybe a silver Kreinik. If you want to keep the blues and aren;t fond of natural.... maybe a darkish yellow or a citrus green?
Good luck no matter what!

staci said...

Cute sampler finish, love the colors you used.

I think I'd try a raw or natural too. Maybe something in the tan family :) Good luck :)

Sonda in OR said...

I'd have to vote with the other ladies...something neutral. I like that little sampler in blues...very nice