Friday, May 30, 2008

Squares, stash and misc stitching

Since I have no desire to post things in any sort of chronological order, I am going to start with the squares I received today. Heather spoiled me rotten with the squares that she sent me for the 4th of July Fair Square Exchange. The squares she stitched were amazing. She also included a great chart, along with some of the floss required and a neat little heart. Here's all of the great goodies and of course the squares themselves.

Since I got those today, I decided to head to my LNS to pick up the other threads required for the piece as well as some DMC that I needed to complete my next set of squares. While there, I picked up some goodies for both Round 7 and the Season Celebration (Summer) exchanges. In the same area, there is also a quilt shop, so I picked up some fabric as well. I was good though and did not enhance my stash at all while I was there. When I came home, I was blessed by the mail. I received two charts that I ordered from a new (to me) ONS that is based in Norfolk. I also received some materials for a surprise that I am working on as well as a picture mug that I ordered for the hubby to take with him on deployment. It was a great mail day :). Here are the new charts that I got. Since I was unable to get all of the Something In Common charts for the Brides Tree, I decided to go with Rosewood Manor Best Wishes. Maybe I can now catch up with that SAL. I also picked up Call of the Ocean by X-Appeal. Here's my new stash:)

Over Memorial Day, I believed I mentioned the entire family (minus my sister) came down to visit. Both my MIL and SIL brought stitching projects along with them. I wasn't really in the mood to pick up DH's stocking to work on, so I decided to stitch up Lizzie*Kate's Work Pray Trust. I made substitutions in the colors since I didn't have the ones called for. I ended up with half the colors as called for and the other half with substitutes (that were somewhat similar). This took me about two days of actual stitching (3 from start to finish).
Work Pray Trust by Lizzie*Kate
Stitched on 28 ct
Threads: DMC

Here is a picture with the fabric that I picked out to finish this with. I will probably finish it as a pinkeep (my first) when I get a chance. Let me know what you think of the fabric. When I picked this up, I also got some other fabric for my stash: some patriotic and some musical fabric. (all at AC Moore).

Currently I am working on round 7 of Fair Square Exchange. I will probably try to get some stitches in on DH's stocking this weekend as well. Who knows if I'll start another project ... depends on how I'm doing with the stocking. Happy Stitching and enjoy your weekend!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

I'm Back :)

Well, it's been awhile since I've been able to post to my blog. I've been able to keep up with others for the most part, but I apologize for the lack of comments recently. When I'm underway, our connectivity is slow and I don't usually have a lot of time for personal web browsing. I was glad to hear that Heather received her squares in a timely fashion. I finished them right before I left to meet up with my ship in FL and had DH drop them off at the post office. Heather and I were partnered up for the Fourth of July holiday round, so I found lots of patriotic goodies for her as well ... some fabric, a few spools of flag ribbon, a Bent Creek pattern and Weeks Dye Works floss called Independence. It was a lot of fun looking for the extra goodies. Here's the whole kit and caboodle and then a picture of the squares themselves. I'm so glad you like them, Heather :)

So what have I been up to while I was gone? My ship was out doing operations with the other ships that will deploy with us as well as the MEU (Marine Expeditionary Unit) that will embark. Our strike group consists of a large deck amphib (my ship), two other amphibs, two destroyers and a cruiser (oh and there will be a sub that's nominally attached to us). During the past three weeks we did various formations with the other ships and anchored often to do operations with the Marines. We embarked about 2000 Marines on board my ship, both ground troups and the ACE (air combat element). To put the number in perspective, we have about 1100 Sailors permanently attached to my ship. Bringing the Marines on board fills us up to capacity. We did a lot of flight operations for the ACE to get their carrier quals and do some missions as well. The past three weeks were dress rehearsals for when we embark the Marines for deployment later this year. Here are some pics from the last few weeks.

One of the destroyers coming alongside for underway replenishment practice

The "bone yard" - all the ACE's aircraft, CH-46's taking off

Swim call from the stern gate

The best part was coming home yesterday. Our ship organized a family day cruise so our families came out to meet the ship in LCUs (landing craft utility). I spent the day showing my parents, FIL and SIL around the ship. I took them to engineering, the flight deck, my stateroom, the wardroom, the bridge and other various places. We enjoyed the wonderful weather that we were blessed with coming in. Here's one of my favorite pics of the day - me and my mom on the 07 level.

Hope you all have a relaxing Memorial Day weekend. Please remember all those that are serving and have served in the Armed Forces (both in the US and wherever you may be from) this weekend. I'm going to enjoy spending time with my family. Happy Stitching!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Fair Square: Sent and Received

I came back from our anniversary trip to find Laura's squares for me in the mail and to find out that she has received her squares from me as well so I can share both with you.

Here are the squares and the treats I sent along for Laura. I knew that she liked Mary Engelbreit, so found a great design by her. I also included a magnet (it had a friends saying, but I don't remember the exact saying), a journal, some bright fabric, a needle minder and some red hand dyed thread. I'm glad to hear that Laura likes it.
Mary Engelbreit, Cross Stitch for All Seasons
Cheery Cherry Tieback
Thread: DMC
Fabric: 32 ct Country French Latte

Laura spoiled me as well. She sent me a great tin of fruit drops (who knows ... might be used as a finish at some point), some great hand dyed threads and a wonderful flag day/4th of July pattern (too bad I already finished my square for 4th of July or I might have used this one). The squares feature a lighthouse ... one of my favorite things :) Thanks Laura!

"The Lighthouse Sampler" By The Bay Needleart

As I said in my intro, we just got back from spending some time out in South Western VA for our anniversary. DH surprised me with a stay at a wonderful B&B cabin. We enjoyed wine tasting, the mountain air, good food and a wonderful show. It was great to be able to spend our anniversary together (#2) with our schedules. We both took some leave and were able to enjoy time together without any contact (e-mail, cells, etc) with the outside world. I will share some pictures when I get back at the end of the month. Happy Stitching!