Sunday, October 2, 2011

3rd Quarter 11 - Top 5 Photos

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Well, another 3 months have gone by without me posting much. Things will probably be changing around here, when I actually get some time to spend looking at what I want to do and share. I know that there are probably few people who still come by, but that's alright. I like having the space to share and link up with various posts that I'm interested in (like this Top 5 pics of the quarter). Anyways, without further ado, here are my pictures from the last three months of our Pooh Bear. It was a bit easier to pick pictures since I had fewer to chose from (many haven't been downloaded yet). These are my favorites from the ones I had on the computer.

This one was taken in downtown Portsmouth after we went to the Children's Museum with my in laws. I love her daddy in the background.I love this picture and little one helping her daddy stir up ingredients (I don't remember what they were making). She had scrapped up her nose the day before while visiting me on the ship. I just love the apron and her intense expression.
This was one evening when we were hanging out in the backyard. She was saying "ball" as she would bring the ball back to me or her daddy. Love the colors in the evening.

This one was taken at the Children's Museum in our area. Just love the expression on her face as she tries to listen to two different headsets.

This last photo is from just a couple of weeks ago. Little one was climbing in and out of her toy box in the family room, so I wanted to snap a picture of it.

Thanks for stopping by! Hopefully I will have time to share a bit more frequently in the future.