Wednesday, April 29, 2009

On this Day in 2006

I married my best friend.

Happy Anniversary!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New Start and a Ball

I started a new piece on Sunday after I finished up the Spring Round of Fair and Square (which should be in the mail later this week). I finally started to stitch my SWO pin to go with DH's dolphins. I changed the colors so that they match what I already did. So hopefully I will finish this quickly and maybe Becca can update my banner ;). Here's my progress so far:

The other part of my post title refers to the Sub Ball that I mentioned last week. DH and I had a wonderful time with the other sailors from his boat. Here's a quick pic from the night.

Thanks for visiting!

Saturday, April 25, 2009


I was hoping to have this finished earlier in the week but didn't quite make it.  After a marathon of Heroes (both today and Thursday) I finally finished the piece.  I was planning on trying to finish it last night while on duty at the ship, but ended up playing Monopoly with my sailors for most of the evening (a very enjoyable evening, I must say).  So with out further ado, here is "Liberty Lights".

"Liberty Lights"
Designer: Erica Michaels
Fabric: 32 ct. Dark Expresso
Threads: Recommended WDW

This was a fun stitch.  I used the recommended thread and fabric (though a 32 ct rather than a 30 ct).  The funny thing is, I don't think I picked out the fabric because it was the recommended one ... I think I realized that after I bought it for the project.  The pattern is one that I received from Heather
last year as part of our 4th of July Fair Square exchange. I just remembered that the red isn't the recommended garnet but Turkish Red instead (Heather sent me half of the threads to get started).

Though I do have a question for all of you stitchers out there ... what is the best way to iron a piece? Since I travel with mine a lot, they will get folded or rolled or just develop creases from where I hold it. I have discovered that I really like to stitch in hand when I'm stitching on linen. I don't want to cause any damage to the piece but would also like to get it ready for finishing so I can try some different techniques myself. Any suggestions or recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Next up ... finishing my spring F&S round. I think I will continue to work on DH's stocking and may start something else this weekend as well. Have a great weekend!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Deployment Finishes

I didn't have a lot of time to stitch while I was gone but I did manage to finish a few pieces other than my exchange squares. I also finished almost all of the cross stitch on DH's stocking. Stitching was a great way to relax but typically I really only had a chance to do some serious stitching on Sundays. The first piece I finished was one I had started right before I left on deployment called Music Harmony. It was a Dimensions kit.

Music is Harmony (Dimensions)
Fabric: 14 ct Ivory Aida
Threads: Cotton floss (kit)

The next piece that I finished was one that only took me about a week and a half to do. I started it while watching the Army Navy game (which I am glad is an early game since it wasn't in the middle of the night due to the time difference) and finished it on the 12 of Dec. I have decided to gift it to a friend so no pictures until it is finished and received ... I don't want to ruin the surprise.

My last finish of 08 was an ornament kit that I received in a care package from Melissa M. who sent me a couple of books that had been on my wishlist. It's called Hearts come Home and I finished it on New Year's Eve. Now it just needs to be finished into an ornament before this upcoming Christmas.

Hearts Come Home
Designer: Leisure Arts' Designs for the Needle Kit
Fabric: 18 ct White Aida
Thread: Cotton floss (kit)

While on deployment I did make a lot of progress on DH's stocking. I finished the bottom half and moved to the top half. All I have left is some of the snow on the roof, the name and the top border (for the cross stitch). Then I have all of the detail work ... backstitching and beads. I should have no trouble finishing it this year ... I just need to actually work on it.

The last two pictures are of pieces that I finished before deployment and had framed at my LNS.  They turned out wonderfully again ... as always.  The first is the dolphins I stitched for my DH and the second is "Thank You for Serving" which I stitched for my grandfather. They both saw the finish products in December. My husband received his when he returned from deployment and my parents took the piece down to FL to give to my grandfather during our annual Christmas gathering.

So I think that pretty much catches you up on what I got done while I was gone.  I also worked on a wedding sampler and started another project (Erica Michael's Liberty Light).  I finished the wedding sampler last week and need to take it in to be framed.  I should finish the other shortly.  I am also working on my squares for the Spring round of the Fair and Square exchange.  The other fun I've had is designing another wedding piece for friends of mine that are getting married in June.  So now I just have to get started stitching.  I'm off duty for the weekend and DH and I are heading to the sub ball tonight.  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend with plenty of time to stitch.  I will see you next week!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

PIF received

Here is the PIF I received from Paula C.. I absolutely love the floss tag. Now I just need to get cracking on mine since I only have a few months left to get them done. This was a great thing to have waiting for me when I got home a few weeks ago.

I still have more to update (I finally got all of the pictures on my computer). I will post more soon. A few of my finishes I'm going to wait to post until after they have been received since they are gifts. I know at least one of the recipients checks my blog on occasion so I don't want to ruin the surprise. Thank you for all of the welcome homes. I really appreciate it. Now if I could just get rid of the cold/illness that has been plaguing me, I might get some more stitching done. God Bless!

Fair Square Exchanges

Here are all of the squares that I have sent and received in the Fair Square exchange in the last four months. I had a great time participating while I was deployed. Most of my stitching during deployment was for the exchange. I hope you enjoy! I loved all of the squares that I received from everyone. Thanks to Karen R., Melissa P, Nancy and Cyndi H!
"Italian Ice" - Just Nan
Stitched by Karen R (Australia)

"April Blocks" - Lizzie Kate
Stitched by Melissa P (MA)

"Egg Ornaments"
Designer: Linda Culp Calhoun (Leisure Arts: Holidays Remembered)
Fabric: 32 count Ivory Jobelan
Threads: DMC

"Snowy Night"
Designer: The Prairie Schooler, Inc. (2008 JCS Ornament Issue)
Fabric: 32 count Ivory Jobelan
Thread: DMC

"The Many Faces of Santa"
Designer: Leisure Arts Christmas Portraits
Fabric: 32 count Ivory Jobelan
Threads: DMC

Christmas Squares (I don't remember the name of the design right now)
Stitched by Cyndi H (CA)

Thanksgiving Squares (I think the main square was a Lizzie Kate design)
Stitched by Nancy

"Give Thanks"
Designer: Joan Elliot (Cross-Stitch & Needlework Nov 08)
Fabric: 32 count Ivory Jobelan
Threads: DMC

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Home Again!

I'm home again! We pulled in two weeks ago in the midst of a lot of fog and rain. My sister was able to come out for our tiger cruise and spend the last day on board with me to see what we did. My husband and mom were waiting for us on the pier. It's great to be back stateside. I have a lot of stitching to update you all on, but that will have to wait for a massive picture post. I just wanted to do a quick post to say that I'm home and should be getting back into regular posting again soon. Happy Stitching!