Thursday, March 18, 2010

First Finish of 2010

This post is hard to start. Yesterday I had my first finish of the year. It was a special piece in memory of a special little girl named Layla Grace. I stitched a quilt block for a quilt that I heard about at the Isaiah 43:1 Project, a site that I found just recently. Candace of Cotton Candie Fabric came up with the idea to make some quilts for her family. Layla Grace is a little girl who lost her battle with cancer last week. You can read more about her and her family here. I decided to make a block with some fabric that I had picked up just last weekend when I was at my local quilt shop, What's Your Stitch N Stuff. I picked it up because I realized I didn't have any spring or Easter fabric in my stash. I think it was perfect for the quilt block. I found a floral alphabet to use to stitch the word "Hope" on the block. Hope for a cure and hope for healing for this family.

Design: From 101 Alphabets by Dale Burdett
Fabric: 28 ct Luguna Fairy Dust
Threads: DMC

Mom - if you're reading this and you haven't gotten a box of tissues yet, you might want to.

Part of the reason I wanted to make this quilt square is that Layla's story really touched my heart. I'm no stranger to pediatric cancer. My little girl is named after a friend that I lost to cancer. That is how my husband and I chose her middle name. I'd known Emily my entire life ... her family lived next door to ours when I was born. Her birthday was just two days before my own (she was a year older). Our families vacationed together often. Both families had two girls ... Emily had an older sister and I a younger sister. My sister was the odd one out in the four of us since the three of us had birthdays in July and hers was in December. My family moved around quite a bit when I was younger. We kept in touch with Emily's family though and when we moved back to the area we got together a lot. Emily's family even lived with us for a few months after their house was damaged in a hurricane. We moved away again and then ended up living near each other again when my father left active duty (in a different state than we were born in). It was soon after we moved that Emily was diagnosed with cancer (I think she was 11 at the time). She fought a hard battle. I remember when she lost her hair to chemo her sophomore year in high school, her sister shaved her head as well so that she would have to go to school bald alone. Unfortunately she lost her battle with cancer later that year. It was very hard to lose a friend that I had known my entire life at the tender age of 14. Whenever I hear about pediatric cancer, I think of her. Her memory was one of the main reasons I wanted to help make this quilt(s) for Layla Grace's family. I hope that it will help to bring healing to the open wounds that they have. There will always be scars ... I know that. Please pray for all children who are affected by cancer and their families.