Saturday, April 25, 2009


I was hoping to have this finished earlier in the week but didn't quite make it.  After a marathon of Heroes (both today and Thursday) I finally finished the piece.  I was planning on trying to finish it last night while on duty at the ship, but ended up playing Monopoly with my sailors for most of the evening (a very enjoyable evening, I must say).  So with out further ado, here is "Liberty Lights".

"Liberty Lights"
Designer: Erica Michaels
Fabric: 32 ct. Dark Expresso
Threads: Recommended WDW

This was a fun stitch.  I used the recommended thread and fabric (though a 32 ct rather than a 30 ct).  The funny thing is, I don't think I picked out the fabric because it was the recommended one ... I think I realized that after I bought it for the project.  The pattern is one that I received from Heather
last year as part of our 4th of July Fair Square exchange. I just remembered that the red isn't the recommended garnet but Turkish Red instead (Heather sent me half of the threads to get started).

Though I do have a question for all of you stitchers out there ... what is the best way to iron a piece? Since I travel with mine a lot, they will get folded or rolled or just develop creases from where I hold it. I have discovered that I really like to stitch in hand when I'm stitching on linen. I don't want to cause any damage to the piece but would also like to get it ready for finishing so I can try some different techniques myself. Any suggestions or recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Next up ... finishing my spring F&S round. I think I will continue to work on DH's stocking and may start something else this weekend as well. Have a great weekend!


Daffycat said...

Oh I love this lighthouse! Nice stitching, Dani!

I have several white towels I only use for stitching. I lay one on my kitchen counter folded in half. I lay my needlework face down on the towel and use a warm iron. A spritz of water will help take out wrinkles but use this cautiously with over-dyed threads as they tend to bleed.

C in DC said...

I have an ironing cloth that I use for ironing linen. I use it barely damp. A plain white pillow case would also work.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Great Finish Dani!

Sharon said...

Beautiful finish!