Sunday, April 13, 2008

Framed Finish

Well, it's been awhile since I have posted but I've mostly been working on my Fair Squares exchanged so haven't had anything to show. Just a little bit more to do and it should be off on its way (hopefully next weekend).

I did pick up the gift for my friends on Thursday from my LNS. I think it turned out wonderfully. I hope they like it.

Framed by My Hand Neddlewerks
Patti Nicolosi

So stitching has been getting done ... just nothing to show you all yet. Other than that, I've been keeping busy with work. On Friday, DH and I went to the Submarine Birthday Ball with a group from his command. It was a fun chance to dress up. Here is a picture of DH and me. There are two very solemn ceremonies that are a part of this, the tolling of the bells for the boats on eternal patrol and the table set up to honor MIA (missing in action). The boats on eternal patrol all of the submarines that have been lost at sea ... I think there are around 70 US boats. There was a guest speaker, they cut the birthday cake (cut by the newest qualified in submarines and the person that had been qualified the longest ... a WWII veteran who has been qualified for almost 70 years), dinner and dancing. All in all a fun evening.

Well, hopefully there will be a bit of time for stitching today but there is lots to be done. I'm heading out of town for the week so there's stuff to finish before I leave. Have a wonderful Sunday!


staci said...

The wedding sampler is beautiful!!!

And you guys make a lovely couple :)

Mrs. Em said...

Dani, you look great! I hope you guys had a wonderful time!

daniella said...

Thanks for participating in this! Sound like you had a good time, thanks for letting us know what kind of traditions take place at the Submarine Ball (I'm intrigued with the tolling of the bells). You looked beautiful!