Sunday, April 27, 2008

Who, what, where, when and why?

I saw the following on Barbara's blog and decided to answer her questions here.

Who taught you to stitch, and were there any special circumstances or memories surrounding this?
My mom and my grandma taught me to stitch. My mom did quite a bit of cross stitch when we were younger. I think one of the first things I stitched were some Christmas ornaments. I think I mostly learned using kits and have did mostly kits until I was in high school.

What’s your favorite thing to stitch? (A project, a kind of stitching, etc.)
I love stitching medium sized projects. I like a more contemporary country feel (somewhat of an oxymoron). I have stitched a variety of projects and like doing those that feel realistic.

Why do you stitch?
I like doing homemade things. I love doing stitching for gifts. It is something to keep my hands occupied while watching movies or television. It's also something I can do and spend time with my husband while he is playing video games. It is very relaxing and I enjoy creating.

When is your special stitching time?
This varies greatly. When I'm home, often it's in the evenings after work. I also love weekends where I can spend a lot of time stitching. If I'm underway with the ship, usually I'll be able to spend a bit of time on Sundays or evenings when we pull in to port. I don't have as much time then but may get an hour or two every few days.

Where is your special stitching place? (An accompanying picture would be great!)
I typically stitch in one of our two armchairs in the living room ... we have a large bay window. I'll stitch there at night as well, though don't really have the best light.

Well that's my who, what, where, when and why ... though not in that order. I'm actually underway at the moment. I have sent off my round 6 Fair and Square which should be arriving any day now ... as soon as I have word I will show it to you. Other than that, just need to finish up the one for 4th of July, which hopefully will go out really early :). Have a great Sunday!

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Barbara said...

Cool. :) I never even thought of stitching on a ship. ;)