Sunday, March 16, 2008

Near Finish

I know it's been awhile since I have posted any pictures or anything. It's kinda tough to upload pictures when I'm on my ship. I got back last week after being out for about two weeks. Don't worry, I had a little bit of time to stitch (though not much).

However, I do have a lot of photos for you, from before I left and this weekend. My near finish is the dolphins for my husband. All that they are waiting for is the date of qualification, which is still unknown at this point. That should only take me maybe an hour to do (with the graphing and stitching) and then I'll need to get it framed. I have really enjoyed working on this piece. It has gone quickly (only two colors to work with).

This first photo is with all of the light gold done.

This is the progress I made before I went underway.

Designed by Ruth Hiller and Carol Stuffer
Stitched on 14 ct Navy Blue Aida
Threads: DMC

I also heard from my Fair and Square exchange partner that she received my squares. I am finally getting an opportunity to show them to you. I really enjoyed stitching them for Willeke. The mail was cooperating and I think it only took about 10 days to get to her. I designed them based on a quilt block. When I was searching her blog to find out more about her and her likes and dislikes I followed a link to another of her blogs. On that site I found out that we shared a favorite author Jennifer Chiavanni (who writes the Elm Creek Quilt series). The quilt block I picked out was one of the main characters' favorite block. Since some of Willeke's favorite colors are blues and neutrals, that's what I stitched the block in. I hope you like it as much as she did.

Designed by Danica Middlebrook (based on tradition quilt pattern)
28 ct linen (I forget the color)
Threads: DMC

Since I finished the dolphins earlier today, I have been able to put some stitches into hubby's stocking as well. The bottom part is starting to get some more color. I changed my process around a bit from the middle section. I personally like to stitch all of the same color in a section before switching. This time I am doing all of the shades of the same color before switching. It is a lot of fun to come back to. I can't wait to finish and get started on the next.

As for some upcoming projects, the partners for round 6 of Fair and Squares just came out this weekend. This round I am paired up with Laura K. I am still trying to figure out the perfect design for her that fits into her likes. I am also participating in the 4th of July holiday round. Since that round isn't so dependent on whom I am stitching for, I have already picked out a design. I am just waiting for the fabric that I ordered to start. That way it will be done in plenty of time for me to mail it out before the due date since I am going to out and about again for most of the month of May. Other upcoming projects include finishing finishing the claddagh ... I picked up a small basket at AC Moore yesterday that should be perfect. Wish me luck, it will be my first try at doing a finish like this. I also am thinking about doing a small sampler for one of my friends for her wedding (though not a wedding sampler ... I have something different in mind for her).

Well, I think I've caught you all up on stitching news. On other news, I start working with a new group of people on Tuesday. Wish me luck. I hope everyone has a wonderful St. Patrick's Day and blessed Holy Week. I have the day off tomorrow (a reward day for no alcohol related offenses for the past month) so should be spending some time stitching. Unfortunately, I need to clean first since my parents are coming down next weekend for Easter. Maybe that will keep me motivated if I don't let myself stitch until I clean. I also need to finish up a scrapbook that was long overdue in the making. So busy day in store tomorrow. Until next time ... happy stitching!


monique said...

Nice dolphins and squares! Enjoy your day off :)

Vonna said...

Your squares that you stitched for Willeke are did a superior job! :)
And I love the dolphins...I'm sure your DH will love them :)
Great job all around Dani!

Sharon said...

Your dolphins and squares are beautiful!

tkdchick said...

All of your projects look great. Does this mean you're at the very bottom of your hubby's stocking?