Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Quick project

I finished this bookmark on Sunday after my parents and roommate had left. It was a really quick stitch. I had picked the kit up during our last trip to Scotland back in 05 and decided that it was time to stitch it up. If you haven't been able to tell, celtic and scottish motifs are some of my favorites. I guess that comes from being part Scottish and mostly English with some other nationalities thrown in for good measure. I love all things celtic, especially music and fantasy stories. I haven't finished the bookmark yet ... the kit included a backing fabric and a tassle. That will come at another time. I love the colors in this piece ... it was fun to stitch with a blended needle for the green part of the flowers (two strands of green with one strand of light purple). I have one other kit from the same company that is a celtic cross. Something else to keep for when I am looking for a quick stitch.
The Scottish Thistle Bookmark
Designed by Anne Orr
Stitched on White Aida

I've made some more progress on my stocking but don't have a current picture. Hopefully I'll get an update up this weekend. I started a small sampler for a friend's wedding last night. It should be a fairly quick stitch ... it's not one with their names or anything but with a verse that I think is very appropriate for our lifestyle (both she and her husband are military as well). I will show it to you when it is all finished. I had fun changing the colors and trying to come up with something that would match their decor.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend, early though it was. Unfortunately my husband was out of town, but my parents and roommate from college were able to come visit. We enjoyed some wonderful meals and just some time spent talking and catching up. Everyone came with me Sunday to church, where I sang with the choir (the first time in a few years since I had traveled home the last two years for Easter). Afterwards we went out for Bar-B-Q which was fantastic. I've got a few more weeks in port before my schedule really starts to get crazy again. Have a great day!


staci said...

Very cute, I just love a quick finish!!!

monique said...

Nice bookmark finish! Sounds like you had a good Easter day :)

tkdchick said...

Beautiful job! Thank you for the birthday wishes!

Sharon said...

Such a pretty bookmark!