Friday, August 1, 2008

I knew I forgot one

I had one more picture to share with you. I was at the in-laws last weekend, and they finally had a chance to get a piece that I made them for their 40th wedding anniversary framed. Here it is ... I apologize for the glare.

In other big news ... I am now a qualified Surface Warfare Officer ... which means I am now authorized to wear this in uniform: SWO Pin. It's the first one in the top left corner.


S in MD said...

Congratulations on your SWO Pin. Great accomplishment!
Sue in MD

C in DC said...

Congratulations on completing SWOS and getting pinned. Go Navy!

msjan said...

We were in the Navy when we were first married. When I told my husband about your SWO he said to send his congratulations when I sent you mine. So Congratulations from us to you.

Jan R Maryland

monique said...

Congratulations! That's a neat looking pin, and quite an accomplishment :)