Monday, July 21, 2008

PIF Update

Well, looks like I got my third person ... Gaby from Germany. So it's going to be a very international PIF ... and looks like it's spreading overseas :). This has introduced me to three new blogs, which will expand my knowledge since they are all foreign language (two also in English). Pictures really do speak 1000 words ... and break down some of the language barriers.

Other than that, I have finished Round 8 of Fair and Square ... Paula, I will be mailing it once I return home since I want to include a note :). I hope to finish Thank You for Serving soon too. Have a great week!


Einschies blog said...

Hi Dani,

here is my email adress.

sneakers @ netic. de

Will leave my PIF later today, just have to do some kids stuff,-)


C in DC said...

Hi Dani,
RE: your comment on my blog
I may have mentioned it once, but I'm not surprised it didn't stick. He's class of '87. He was a SWO before he left active duty. He retired from the reserves 2 years ago.
Best, C

Heather said...

Hi Dani

Wanted to let you know I nominated you for a Kreativ award. Check my blog for details