Saturday, June 28, 2008

Teaser :)

Well, I have been stitching since my last update ... I just haven't taken any pictures yet. I plan to do a full post with pics tomorrow night. I found out today that Sue W. received her squares for Fair and Square round 7. I can't wait to show them to you ... and explain them. I'm glad to hear that she likes them.

Other than that, I have been working on "find your song" and DH's stocking. I have been rotating between the two for the past week. I have decided what I'm stitching for Monique for the summer round of Fair and Square ... I just need to go pick up the require threads for it. I am almost done with the bottom of the stocking and should be moving up to the top soon. The problem I found with my original way of working on the stocking is that my threads would get mixed up (since I kept what was left over since it would be used again in another part) and the light colors are really hard to distinguish from each other ... even in a great light. That's what I get for the weeks and months in between working on the project.

I'm almost done with "find your song" ... only three more musical motifs and two letters to go. It should be finished by tomorrow and then just needs to go to the LNS for framing. So look out for pics tomorrow! Have a great night!


Laurel's stitching said...

Hey e-mail is ohionavymom at yahoo dot com
HE is on the USS Monterey huggers laurel

Ruth said...

Oh you terrile tease! We'll all be holding our computer-based breath you know. :)